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Cloud Report & Manager for MyUSBOnly

Top 6 Features

dminister all your USB devices

Login to our web management console and all the USB plugs of your devices are under your control. You can access to the management console to authorize and unauthorized anybody to plug their USB devices into your office network.

Handy reports ready for you

We design handy reports summarizing what users did through the plugged USB devices. A few blinks grasp the full picture.

Assign USB devices into groups

With device groups feature you can easily specify a group of devices to a computer designated department.

Performing software updates instantly

You can push upgrade software to remote computers by using web management console.

Access anytime and anyplace

You can access the web management console 24-7 with your desktop or mobile devices browsers.

Easy to install

You don't have to bother server issue. We takes care of it.

Screen Shots

Login into web management console

Input your account username and password to login

Main Screen

Computers List - Central Management

Management console automatically discovering and tracking Computers protected by MyUSBOnly.

Viewing Overview Information

View the behavior of individual users – Summary

View the behavior of individual users – Device Access Log

View the behavior of individual users – File Access Log



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Need to purchase a Report & Management Service?

You will get a free Cloud Report & Management Service for 1st year.

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